DIAGNOdent (Laser Cavity Finder)

DIAGNOdent is an early-detection laser cavity finder that uses a specialized laser diode light to examine your teeth. Dr. Pollatos shines the light on your teeth and receives a digital readout revealing the exact locations of tooth decay or cavities. DIAGNOdent has a 90-percent-plus accuracy rate for detecting decay, including very small lesions while in their earliest stages. It helps Dr. Pollatos preserve and protect your teeth. Other methods of detecting dental decay include visual inspection, X-rays and tactile inspection using a dental probe.

The pen-style, handheld DIAGNOdent tool scans the tops of your teeth and finds cavities that may be invisible during a visual inspection or missed by X-rays. With its advanced laser technology, it can measure more precisely the density of your tooth enamel. It can help us identify tooth decay even in the deepest grooves of your teeth. With early detection, we can treat cavities earlier and preserve your tooth structure.

DIAGNOdent exams are painless and only take a few minutes. The laser used is harmless and has no effect on your mouth tissues. Somerset Dentists believes it is best to detect cavities early, when they are smaller, so that we can retain greater amounts of sound tooth structure and longevity of the tooth.

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